Philips Museum

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Nostalgia and inspiration

In the heart of Eindhoven, in the middle of the shopping area, you will find the new Philips museum. The Philips museum was opened in the spring of 2013 by our then Queen Beatrix. The factory on the Emmasingel, the location where Gerard Philips made his first light bulbs in 1891, has been transformed into a contemporary and interactive museum full of Philips history. A visit to the Philips museum offers inspiration and pleasure.

You make a journey through the most important Philips inventions and innovations since the late nineteenth century. You see in a 1950s kitchen the products that caused a true revolution for the housewife at that time. Memories come to life at the sight of the old TV’s, radios and record players, but also at the Philips cassette recorder that stood at the cradle of the Rolling Stones hit ‘I can get no satisfaction’. In the museum you will also see a glimpse of the new Philips innovations, such as the MR-HIFU and the Philips Hue lamps. Discover for yourself the many possibilities of the Hue lamp.

If you are in Eindhoven, you should not miss a visit to the Philips Museum. The history of Philips and with it a part of the Netherlands is told through many inspiring stories, products, nostalgic image and sound fragments. The museum also contributes to the historical self-awareness of Eindhoven.

The old Philips factory has been changed into the beautiful Philips museum after a thorough renovation. With the renovation and construction of the imposing glass gallery, the Fabriekje, a national monument, has been put in a display case, as it were. After your visit to the exhibition of the Philips museum, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and delicious pastries at the Museum Café.

Emmasingel 31
5611 AZ Eindhoven